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Our new multi-sensory display system
Multi-Sensory Display System

Interactive Presentation System

The Presentation System HELP file

Flash Tutorial See a tutorial how a presentation was made here

Live Presetation Flash Tutorial See a tutorial how our new real-time live presentation was made here

Here are links to a few sample whiteboard presentations ready to view. These presentations utilize our JavaScript whiteboard display utility, but were generated using the same GUI as shown in the flash presentation above and saved in the cookiejar format to allow for easy editing.

  • Order of Mishna Words in the Mishna, order of words seems to have a lot of significance.

    For something a little more powerful...

  • Bava Kama Display - Scroll to the bottom for a sequence of mouse-over translations of highlighted phrases using our new style display mode JavaScript presentation.

    Special thank you to for allowing our users access to their Gemara images that is part of their great work.